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GO Sharing offers shared electric vehicles as a new, flexible way of transportation. We connect regions for everyone in a fun and environmentally friendly way.

A green planet with mobility owned by everyone, shared by everyone

GO Sharing wants to make eco-friendly and shared mobility accessible to everyone. This puts us at the helm of the transition from traditional transport – individualistic, polluting and congestive – to environmental friendly and compact shared transportation. With GO Sharing, everyone can contribute to a green and livable future.

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Fun, livable and for everyone  

We offer shared electric transport that allows you to travel in a quick, easy and fun way. Our goal is to imporve the world and make it more fun. That is why we solve the problems of traditional transport for you. Forget about traffic jams, overcrowded parking spaces and unnecessary costs.  

Involved with the community    

We give priority to the safety of our drivers, pedestrians and other road users. For example, our e-mopeds are limited tot the maximum allowed speed, we also check all vehicles every few days. Our dedicated team on the streets make people aware of safe driving and parking. During pop-up events, we are visible on the street and are happy to answer any question.    

Meet our brand  

We’re dedicated to create a green and enjoyable planet. You’ll find that reflected in all of our expressions; from our brand colors to the font we use. So, are you ready to really get to know us?

Working at GO Sharing

Do you share our vision?

Designing cities free from noise and pollution requires smart, adventurous and brave people. Join us on our journey and change the world of tomorrow.

Mobility owned by everyone, shared by everyone

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